One out of 4 Americans admits that delivering a speech before a crowd of strangers is a dreadful scenario to experience. In fact, public speaking ranks higher than any other fears such as blood, heights, ghosts, clowns and even death for Americans.

Anxieties definitely make it hard to live normally. It is hard to even get through life without facing situations that force us to confront the fears that we have. There are countless remedies that you can try to reduce social anxiety however some of the methods can be quite complicated to do. But the inventors of the “doppel” believe that conquering social anxiety can be as easy as wearing the remedy on a wristband.

The Doppel (coming soon) is a wristband that generates a heartbeat-like vibration when worn. Several studies have been conducted to prove that doppel will indeed work once it is materialized. Starting with 52 participants, the use of doppel was tested. As a result, people wearing it had better control on their heart rate. By setting it on “lub-dub” your heart rate can be made a bit slower that calms the nerves. You can also increase the BPM to amp yourself up before starting your workout.

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