It’s impressive to think how hackers are able to gain access to many of the highly secured systems there is as far as technology is concerned. Now, hackers are now able to make calls, download mallware virus, post on social media and disconnect wireless services among other things by taking over control to voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. These voice assistants have been hijacked successfully using sounds above the range of human hearing.

The hack was created by a team at Zhejiang University in China. They figured how by using ultrasound, an unhearable sound can be used to activate the assistant, gaining access and control of the smartphone or device and even those to any connected systems. . Some of the assistants falling for this ploy are Google Now, Siri, Alexa by Amazon, Samsung S Voice as well as control systems in cars. Although it wouldn’t be that of security issue if only these assistants can only have access to playing music, games or set alarm but since it can pretty much do what the users can do manually, it is definitely a security issue.

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