Picture it: you’re settling in for a long flight, maybe you’re going on vacation or headed to yet another business trip for work.

And the first thing you notice is the plane is excessively noisy. People talking, kids crying, or even worse, babies crying. How are you supposed to get some peace and quiet on a flight like this?

The answer — noise canceling headphones.

The history of these accessories goes back to the 1950s when pilots and ground crew would wear them while in the cockpit or while making repairs to their planes and helicopters.

Since then, their popularity has taken off, and noise-canceling headphones are now widely available to consumers. Read on to discover five insanely great benefits of noise canceling headphones.

They Block Most Sounds

The specialized technology inside the individual drivers reduces ambient noise to almost nothing. This makes it possible for you to enjoy your favorite music in a noisy environment without having to turn up the volume to excessively loud levels, saving your hearing.

Most noise-canceling headphones use something called active noise control to block out low-frequency noise, and they block out high frequencies with soundproofing.

You can compare the noise canceling effectiveness of individual products while you’re shopping by comparing the decibel levels.

A Richer Listening Experience

Because these specialized headphones let you listen to music at lower volumes, it creates a richer audio experience for you as you enjoy your carefully curated playlists. Small variations and nuances in most music disappear when it’s turned up to excessively loud levels.

Great For Traveling

As mentioned above, once you buy a pair of these, you’ll never want to take another flight without them. Not only will they help block out conversations, it’ll block out a lot of the rumbling low frequencies that the plane’s engines make as well.

Many Choices with Endless Customization Options

When it comes to shopping for noise-canceling headphones, there are many wireless choices available, reducing unsightly tangles that headphones sometimes cause.

Those that are Bluetooth-enabled allow you to stream playlists directly from your smartphone, tablet or music player with no additional wires necessary.

Most models conveniently operate via either rechargeable or replaceable batteries in order to power the noise-canceling technology.

The Most Surprising Benefit

Of the previous four benefits listed, this one is the most surprising, although it makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

A sleep aid. Noise-cancelling headphones have been found to help individuals suffering from insomnia or other sleep-related disorders because of their ability to block out ambient noise. They could even help you cope with a snoring partner.

When you think about the many benefits that noise-canceling headphones offer, it’s easy to see why many people are investing in them to help them relax and filter out unwanted noise.

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