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A Wristband that Conquers Social Anxiety?

One out of 4 Americans admits that delivering a speech before a crowd of strangers is a dreadful scenario to experience. In fact, public speaking ranks higher than any other fears such as blood, heights, ghosts, clowns and even death for Americans.

Anxieties definitely make it hard to live normally. It is hard to even get through life without facing situations that force us to confront the fears that we have. There are countless remedies that you can try to reduce social anxiety however some of the methods can be quite complicated to do. But the inventors of the “doppel” believe that conquering social anxiety can be as easy as wearing the remedy on a wristband.

The Doppel (coming soon) is a wristband that generates a heartbeat-like vibration when worn. Several studies have been conducted to prove that doppel will indeed work once it is materialized. Starting with 52 participants, the use of doppel was tested. As a result, people wearing it had better control on their heart rate. By setting it on “lub-dub” your heart rate can be made a bit slower that calms the nerves. You can also increase the BPM to amp yourself up before starting your workout.

Hackers Can Use Ultrasound Whispers To Make Siri and Alexa Turn Against You

It’s impressive to think how hackers are able to gain access to many of the highly secured systems there is as far as technology is concerned. Now, hackers are now able to make calls, download mallware virus, post on social media and disconnect wireless services among other things by taking over control to voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. These voice assistants have been hijacked successfully using sounds above the range of human hearing.

The hack was created by a team at Zhejiang University in China. They figured how by using ultrasound, an unhearable sound can be used to activate the assistant, gaining access and control of the smartphone or device and even those to any connected systems. . Some of the assistants falling for this ploy are Google Now, Siri, Alexa by Amazon, Samsung S Voice as well as control systems in cars. Although it wouldn’t be that of security issue if only these assistants can only have access to playing music, games or set alarm but since it can pretty much do what the users can do manually, it is definitely a security issue.

Smart Home Gadgets To Try

Technological advancement has indeed brought change to the way we live our lives now. The existence of many techno smart gadgets have not only made our lives simpler but it also helped humans to be more productive than ever. One of the most common gadgets that have been evolving fast in this time is the mobile phone. Mobile phones have now become an integral part of everyday living and it basically not just a handy means of communication but it has proved to be a great gadget that continues to does more.

A lot of incredible smart gadgets are now emerging in the market, one way or another making ordinary living experiences easier than it normally is. Here are some smart gadgets that you would probably want to get:

Bonjour Smart AI Alarm Clock

This amazing alarm clock does beyond telling time. If you want to always wake up on the right side of the bed every morning, then you probably would want to have this. This alarm clock is so unique since it has voice-controlled AI that turns into your personal assistant. The Bonjour Smart AI alarm clock can help you get ready for the day. Your “personal assistant” will be able to inform you of possible traffic ahead, the weather, it can also anticipate your schedule to help make your day productive. It can respond to your every request and can give you advice on how you can be able to sleep well at the end of the day.

Dyson AM06 Bladeless Table Fan

This device is a completely new evolution of cooling fans. With the bladeless design, it is ultra safe for kids and pets at home and with only ten inches in diameter, this device is an instant upgrade to your space. This fan uses the Dyson patented Air Multiplier technology that provides a constant and powerful stream of airflow. With the bladeless design, it does not make noise when turned on and is super easy to clean. Another feature is that it has 10 precise airflow that you can select with a remote.

Apple TV 4K

Take your Apple TV experience to a greater height with this Apple TV 4K. It has the same chip that already exist inside iPad Pro, the A10x Fushion Chip. This amazing TV supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10. With this next generation television, users can view and share their videos, photos, movies and shows from their iPhone or iPad to be viewed on the TV set. This version will also stream popular contents from Netflix and Amazon in HDR TV. With Apple TV 4K, you can also  watch live games and can get notifications about the upcoming games while having access with the sports tab where users can see live and upcoming games. With the quality of this TV, it’s like you are right their in the game field. It’s about time to take home viewing experience to the next level.

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